Sunday, January 17, 2016

Reverse Shampooing- Does it Really Work?

Hello again and welcome back to The Suitably Named.  How have you been?   I just finished my first week of the semester, and I'm already counting the days until spring break.  What can I say? I hate winter.  So, let's get to why we're here, shall we?

I was browsing Nouveaucheap like I do on the daily, and I found an older article she wrote  about reverse shampooing.  Intrigued and frustrated with my current hair routine (which has been failing me), I decided to give it a try.   I've been doing this for the past week and have been so happy with the results, I wanted to share it with you!

So a little about my hair...

This was a picture I took several years ago, but it shows the qualities of my hair pretty well.  I have long, thick hair that is really fine and soft.  It doesnt hold texture or any styling well, and I'm prone to many unruly baby hairs.  While my hair for the most part is normal, I have a really, really greasy scalp and pretty much have to wash it every day if I want to wear it down.  I never had problems with breakage or split ends until I decided to dye it 4 months ago.

Now I've been faced with the problem of needing to wash my roots every day to combat grease, but my ends are fraying because of the damage from coloring.

Here is where the reverse cleansing comes in!

The idea behind this is that your hair absorbs moisture and nutritive properties of your conditioner before being stripped, then you wash your hair which removes residue from the conitioner and the oils from your roots.

After being exposed to this idea, I temporarily store it in the back of my mind for a later time.  I then found myself in the shower the next day, about to proceed with my normal washing routine, but remembered-HEY I should try conditioning first!  And that I did.  I didn't add any leave in conditioner or spray after the shower for experiment sake.  The next morning, I was happy to not have dried out hair.  Later that evening,  I was even happier that my roots weren't at the grease level as usual 12 hours after a wash, but I wasn't convinced yet.

I was confident enough that night to not wash, and hopeful to see if I noticed any difference in my second day hair.  Being the ditz I am, I decided to wear my hair up that day.  And mother nature being as unpredictable as she is, decided to make it 55 degrees, humid, and raining.  That being said, I'll get back to you on the effects this method has on second day hair.

Fast forward to today.  I did this routine last night.  Wet my hair, applied conditioner-a light layer on the roots, and worked it well into the ends from the ears down.  I let it sit for the rest of my shower.  Then I rinsed, shampooed-concentrating most of the shampoo and later at my roots, rinsed again, and got out.  Today,  I am pretty convinced that this new routine is going to change my life.  My hair has been light, fluffy, and soft.  On top of that, I looked in the mirror 2 hours ago to find that my roots were NOT disgustingly oily, but just as fluffy as the rest of my hair.

I definitely plan on continuing to update you guys on this.  I want to find types/brands of products that work the best for my hair type, and share any other tips that might end up working for my other fine-haired ladies out there.

That's pretty much all I got for you all today.  Have any of you tried this method before.  If so, what hair type do you have and what products do you use?  Let me know in the comments or through Twitter.

Have a beautiful day~
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