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Review: Wet n' Wild Coloricon Contouring Palettes

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Today I wanted to do a follow-up of an older blog post I did a few months back on the Wet n' Wild Coloricon Contouring Palette in Caramel Toffee.  To this day that is THE blog post with the most views, so I'm guessing y'all found it helpful in some way.  I recently picked up the second shade in this collection and have a solid opinion on these products so I thought I would give you a full-on review.  We have quite a bit to cover so let's get started-

L-R: Dulce De Leche, Caramel Toffee

First of all, lets talk about the packaging.  I like how sleek and thin these (lets call them "discs" are).  It is made entirely of plastic, but unlike usual WNW packaging that can tend to be flimsy, these are actually pretty sturdy.  They are pretty big surface area wise though.  They don't fit nicely in my face drawer so I store them in my palette drawer, which is closer to my height from a sitting position anyways.  Moving along.

L-R: Dulce De Leche, Caramel Toffee

Color Selection
Since this isn't a stand alone product, I want to talk about color selection.  Dulce De Leche is obviously going to better suit fair-light skin with more yellow undertones while Caramel Toffee will, again, suit fair/light and MAYBE medium skin with more pink undertones.  When it comes to contouring powders, I throw what undertone it will work for out the window, because I think what look you prefer .  If you want a warmer highlight powder and a more light pinkish contour, go for Dulce De Leche.  If you want a more vanilla highlight powder with a slightly deeper/neutral contour, go for Caramel Toffee.  I am overall disappointed by the color range. WNW has a reputation for not being tan-deep skin tone friendly, and this line is no exception.

Dulce De Leche

Caramel Toffee (old pic)

Dulce De Leche, swatched

Dulce De Leche, swatched

Caramel Toffee, swatched

Caramel Toffee, swatched

Okay, lets talk pigmentation on these puppies.  As you can tell from the photos, both of the contour shades are very pigmented.  The highlight powders, not so much.  Especially in the winter months, the highlight in Caramel Toffee doesn't highlight at all, it's more like a setting powder.  The highlight in Dulce De Leche is more yellow in tone and is brighter, so it works better as a highlight for me.  I use both highlighting powders as undereye setting powders and sometimes to set my T-zone.  The contouring shades I use interchangeably.  While I wanted to say at first that the contouring shade in Dulce De Leche was warmer than the one in Caramel Toffee, they both show the opposite on my skin.  Like I said, I use both of the shades interchangeably, but have been feeling the finish of Dulce De Leche more lately.  Although that could just be that it is newer in my collection...

Although color selection may be disappointing, and I wasn't blown away by the pigmentation, the texture of these powders are fabulous!  They are so finely milled and incredibly soft-yet not at all powdery.  Because of the awesome texture on this powder, these can be built up to any intensity you desire, and not look powdery or cakey.  This is a great quality to have in any powder product, but especially a contouring product, in my opinion.

Staying Power
The staying power is awesome!  No matter how lightly or intense I wear these shades, they are always still there when I take off my makeup at the end of the day-it's awesome!  Since I use the highlight shades for undereye, and sometimes all over setting powders, I have different staying power standards.  After I set my undereye concealer with either of the highlight powders, there will be no creasing.  I find that to be consistent throughout the day.  The T-zone is a bit of a different story, as I have been sweating more that the warmer weather is setting in.  However, since these powders are so finely milled, I don't expect them to be able to combat the oil I can get this time of year, so from now on I will be restricting these to my triangle-under-eye area.

Here are some pictures of Dulce De Leche applied with a full face of makeup.  I already did pictures of Caramel Toffee in action here if you're interested in those.  Today I used the contouring shade to define my cheekbones and forehead, and the highlighting powder to set my undereye area and between my brows (what? Yeah).


Packaging: B
Color Selection: D
Pigmentation: B
Texture: A+
Staying Power: A

Overall, I do highly recommend this product if you are fair-medium skinned and are looking to dive in to some contouring and highlighting business.  I think that the texture of these are so easy to work with, especially if you are just trying this new contouring thing-they are hard to overdo.  In a world where every company seems to be coming out with a new contouring kit every other day, with everyone getting more and more expensive, I think it is nice to have a drugstore option that makes it simple-one shade for contouring and one shade for highlighting, which is all you really need.  At the price tag of $3.93 a pop, this is a standout choice in my books.

That's a wrap for this review guys. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this!  If you want to keep up with my blog posts, follow me on Bloglovin'.  It's a really great platform that notifies you when your favorite blogs post something new-and it's a way to network!  I also just started a YouTube channel a few days ago.  If you want to see The Suitably Named come to life, go check it out HERE.

Again, thank you so much for reading.  I hope you found this review helpful.  If you've tried these products before, comment and let me know what YOU think about them.

Have a beautiful day~
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