Monday, May 25, 2015

Get your makeup brushes cleaner-FASTER

Hey guys, What's up??
Today I wanted to share with you a tip that made me not dread washing my makeup brushes. Before I did this, I would use baby shampoo or regular shampoo (something liquid), and it would take almost an ENTIRE HOUR to wash them all -___-  No, thank you.  Then this happened.  I was browsing Pinterest when I found a post telling me to try this.  What is this you ask?  You're about to find out.  For this project, you will need:

Dirty makeup brushes


A bar of soap!
Yep, you don't need fancy shampoos and makeup brush spa gloves, just a good ole' bar of soap.  I think this is generic Dove?  It doesn't matter what kind, just keep in mind:  what you use is what you're going to be smelling when you do your just make sure you're okay with it.

~Let's go through procedure~

First of all, let me show you my sink set-up:

I keep my brushes waiting to be washed in a cup.  That way I can just grab them, wash them, and place them on the towel to dry.

And then we have the soap and the running water.  These are kind of necessary so you might not want to forget them when you head to the bathroom or kitchen or wherever.

First, let me show you how I wash a face brush: 

I start out by wetting the brush under the faucet, as well as wetting the bar of soap.  Then I basically swirl the brush around on the bar as I watch all the nasty makeup melt off.  What a satisfying feeling.

With the lather still in place, I swirl the brush around on my fingers to start working out some of the soap.

It's not perfectly focused, but you get the big picture.  I start rinsing with warm (not hot, unless you want to burn the crap out of your fingers) water, continuing to work out the soap with my fingers.  It's really important to rinse for a long time because using a bar will put a lot more soap in the bristles than using liquid.  I learned this the hard way when I washed my black hair brushes using this method for the first time.

After thoroughly rinsing, I wipe the bristles across my fingers a few times, and then on the towel.  Then I set them aside to dry.

                                   Before...                                                                   After...

Now on to the bane of my existence at washing foundation brush...The Sigma F86

I basically use the same procedure...except a little more abrasive.  See all that nasty foundation?  I probably should have washed it sooner...

Another added thing I make sure to do with this brush is to rub it against the side where the darker hair meets the white hairs.  For whatever reason, foundation tends to accumulate in this area so I have to give it a more concentrated scrubbing.

Rinse. Rinse. Rinse.

I wanted to show this to emphasize how important it is to squeeze as much water as possible out of this brush, it takes forever to dry.

                              Before...                                                                          After...                               

I never thought I could get my F86 this clean.  This little bar of soap has been life-changing.

And lastly, some eye brushes...

These are two goat hair brushes. I clump similar eye brushes together and wash them at the same time to save time.  You want to be careful with goat hair brushes because they shed and fray easily.  You want to wet them very well and gently run them over the bar of soap in circular motions.

Since you have to be more delicate with these brushes, I just hold them up against my fingers while they rinse.  I like to rinse these with cold water because I find it helps them maintain their shape.


See how clean they look?  They DO look a teeny bit frayed in the after picture, but they dry back into their perfect shapes.  Seriously guys, this technique has made the process of washing my brushes less of a process.  It's been so much easier and I highly recommend you try this because you are going to save time AND money!

That's it!  Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this!  I hope you found this helpful, and let me know if you try this, have tried it, and what your experience was/is!  If ya want to keep up with my posts, follow my on Bloglovin' (LINK) so you can get updates when they go up :)

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