Thursday, August 3, 2017

Colourpop Yes, Please Palette | Swatches & Review

Hey babes,

I did an in-depth review including swatches on the new, highly-coveted Yes, Please palette from Colourpop.  Managed to get my hands on this with the help of my bestie, and so far I love it!  I talked about these topics in the video:

1. Price
2. Packaging
3. Color variety
4. Pigmentation
5. Blendability

I'll post more pictures of this palette eventually but until then, check out the video.  To summarize my thoughts from the video:

1. The palette is VERY affordable (breaks down to $1.33 per shadow)
2. Compact and travel-friendly.  Although prone to getting dirty and missing a mirror
3.  Love the shade selection, but wish there was a light/shimmery highlight/lid shade
4. Shades are undoubtedly pigmented, although some are powdery
5.  Some of the matte shades are hard to blend due to powdery kickup

Hope you found the review and swatches helpful-I would say you should go for it if you can get your hands on this bad boy!

Have a beautiful day, you beautiful people


I'M BACK | Update on the blog and channel

Hey everyone, what's up?  I don't know if anyone still reads this blog, but if you do and are reading this now, thanks for sticking with me.

I explained a lot in the video I linked about where I've been, why I disappeared, and where I want to go with my channel.  Since this blog is still my baby, and where it all started, I wanted to post separately on here.

So to make this simple, here's what's going to happen

  1. I AM going to start posting on here again-yay!
  2. I am going to redesign my blog and YouTube channel-and make it more like an actual website
  3. I'm changing the direction of my internet presence.  I don't want to just talk about makeup anymore.  I want to talk about other topics (like nutrition, health, education, life experiences) that I think will help and touch people as well.  More on that later
  4. I'm going to be vlogging on my channel because I'M DOING THE DISNEY COLLEGE PROGRAM.  yay.

That's about all I have, folks.  I could type for much longer but that would be excessive and you would probably stop reading (Insert upside down face emoji here).

Hope you're all having a beautiful day,  looking forward to seeing you around more :)