Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Sephora Wish List!

Hey guys!  How are ya?
For today's fun post I thought I would share with you all my Sephora wish's kind of embarrasing but we can all dream can't we?  I'm actually on a no-buy right now so I won't be getting any of these items any time soon.  So going on to the website and picking out my wishlist was a good practice of self control.

Try not to judge me too hard.  I'm guessing if you're reading this, you're a makeup addict too, right?  

I've heard great things about this product.  The main reason I want this is because I go through my Micro Brow pencil so fast that I want a product that will last.  Not only on the skin, but so I don't have to buy it over and over again.

I. LOVE. THIS.  This has been on my list for so long, but why so expensive??? WHYY? Every time I see a swatch or see someone wearing it, I'm struck by the beauty of the glow.  I'm actually going back and forth between getting this in the pressed version or liquid.  I've heard the liquid is even better than the powder, and I can get the smaller size for a lot better....we'll see...

I have wanted the Anastasia contour kit for a while, but after swatching these both in stores, I realized that Kat Von D placed me under a spell.  The powders in this palette seemed more soft and blendable.  I've also watched lots of reviews comparing the two that place the Shade and Light higher than the contour kit.  Also, it's more expensive.  Go figure.

I found out about this product watching a haul video by Beauty at Tiffany's (love her).  I decided that this was the brush holder I wanted to get for my freelance kit.  It even has a little slot for business cards.  It's also under $30, which I found to be a really great deal.

I'm a concealer junkie.  Especially for concealers that are meant for highlighting the undereye area.  So, naturally this appealed to me.  This would definitely be a concealer exclusive for highlighting, as the line doesn't have a shade that suits my skin tone for any other concealing purposes.

I love these.  Just look at the packaging!  How could you not want every single shade??  I'm particularly interested in Nude Pop and Berry Pop to start out with...and Lord knows that will probably start an addiction then I'll have to have them all.

I've wanted this bronzer for a long time now.  I'm not sure if I would get Milk Chocolate or original Chocolate.  I guess it will depend on what my skin tone is when I decide to get it.  I have the Chocolate Bar palette and sometimes open it up, sit on the corner of my bed, and smell it for a few minutes.  Wouldn't it be cool to have a bronzer to do that with too?

Part 2... Yes, there is a part 2...

Another highlighter? Yes.  What I think I'll do is get the liquid version of Becca SSP and then this one for my pressed highlight.  Haha.  Makeup addict logic...Justification: everyone needs an Ambient Lighting Powder.

I just want to try a new sunscreen, and Tarte is a great brand!  Also the packaging is SO cute.  I bleed purple so this sunscreen was made for me.

I've heard lots of good things about this lip treatment and have wanted it all over my lips for quite some time now.  I've tried so many drugstore lip treatments that are awesome that I don't know if I could spend $12 for one.  One day I'll have a weak moment and get this

As soon as I finish my two current eye creams, I'm marching my butt to Sephora and getting this.  I can't wait to try it,  I might even get a sample ahead of time to seal my $36 fate.

I've talked about this foundation on here before, based on my experience with samples.  I'll definitely end up getting this in the winter when I'm pale again.  Considering this is the only foundation line that has a shade light enough to match my porcelain-white skin during that time of year (shade 110).

I really want to try a Bite lipstick.  My favorite shade I've found based on in-store swatches is Fig, which just so happens to be in a duo!  Great deal to try two Bite lipsticks!

I've heard this is a Dupe for the Bioderma cleansing water.  My readers know how I feel about my Simple Micellar Cleansing water, and I would love to try something new!  This also has a pump and a lot more product.

Last but certainly not least, Benefit Rockateur.  It's a beautiful neutral rose-gold tone blush, which is my kinda color.  I honestly don't know why I haven't gotten this yet.  Let's hope it will make its way into my blush drawer soon!

So, the GRAND TOTAL: $417
That's a lot.  I told you I have a problem.  I'll let you know how much of the wish list I end up getting when I'm off my no-buy.

That's it!  Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!  Tell me in the comments what your Sephora wishlist is!  Make me feel better about how embarrassing mine is.

Have a beautiful day~
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