Tuesday, April 7, 2015

First Impression: Colourpop Spring Collection!

Hey guys, welcome back!  If you stalk Colourpop like I do, you know that they recently launched their [limited edition] spring pastel collection.  The day after it launched I placed an order with some of my favorite colors from this collection as well as a couple other things I had been eyeing.  Let's get into some swatches and first impressions~

Top row, L-R: Taco, Flux Cowboy, Snapdragon
Bottom row, L-R: Hello, Fringe, Between the Sheets


Taco, swatched

Before we get started, I'm not going in any order other than what is shown in the above overview picture.  Now, let's talk about Taco (a mid toned aqua in a matte finish).  I knew I needed to get this, besides how beautiful the color is, because of the name.  If you know me, you know I love tacos, enough said.  I was shocked when I swatched this because of how true to color and bright it was.  This was one of the first ones I tried on my eyes and it was beautiful, although I will say it was a pain to get completely off.


Flux, swatched

I was most excited for Flux (a light mint green with a matte finish), but was most weirded out by the texture.  When I stuck my finger in this to swatch, it was way more soft, squishy, and moldable.  Once I got past that and swatched it, I was a little disappointed in the pigmentation (the above picture is after two swipes) but I still love the color. I have tried this on my eyes, and it does have to be built up for full pigmentation, but looks amazing as a different kind of inner corner highlight!


Cowboy, swatched

Next up we have Cowboy, a true pastel lavender in a matte finish.  This one took me by surprise with how pigmented the initial swatch was compared to the other two light colors I got.  It is a very beautiful pale lilac color that packs a surprising punch with the amount of pigmentation it gives off.  This is the only color I haven't worn on my eyes yet but I'm really excited to play around with it.


Snapdragon, swatched

Okay, let's get serious for a minute.  This is my favorite Colourpop shadow I own thusfar.  First of all, it's called Snapdragon-a beautiful shadow with a beautiful flower for a name.  This is described as a mid-tone sea foam green in a matte finish.  This shadow has a much more firm, yet more soft texture than the other shadows in this collection.  I wore this shadow paired with Flux on the lid the other day and it was gorgeous.  Love, can't wait to wear this more throughout the spring and summer.


Hello, swatched

I was really intrigued by this color and had wanted to try a pale yellow shadow, so I picked up Hello, a soft pastel yellow with a matte finish.  This, like Flux, was unusually soft and squishy and didn't swatch too well (you can tell from the picture).  I wasn't expecting it to be amazing since it is a weird color, so I wasn't bummed or anything.  I actually tried this on my eyes for the first time today and really liked how it turned out.  I put on two layers of this with another layer of a shimmery shadow on top-loved it and will continue to play around with it.


Fringe, swatched

Fringe is described as a shimmering champagne with gold and silver glitter, and is part of the permanent collection.  I wanted to get another shimmery neutral color to add to my collection.  Based on swatches and the picture on the website, I thought it was a very light white-ish color with gold shimmer.  As you can tell from the picture this is not that kind of color. It is actually more like a bright antique gold with high-shimmer.  I still really like the color, but I wish I would have gotten Acorn from the spring collection since it was limited edition.

Between the Sheets

Between the Sheets, swatched

Last but certainly not least, we have Between the Sheets, a mid-toned beige pink blush in a matte finish.  I've been a) wanting a more neutral blush and b) wanting to try dem Super Shock Cheeks.  I'm blown away by this.  It wasn't the color I was expecting, but it was better than the color I was expecting.  I've been applying this with my e.l.f. Small Stipple brush, and it gives such an even application with a beautiful, glowing from within flush.  I love using this as a blush when I'm not wearing foundation (it actually looks good and lasts), as a blush with foundation, and as a transition color in the crease.  This is awesome and I already highly recommend!

That's all I have for ya!  I hope you found this useful and interesting, and thank you so so much for taking the time to read this!!

So tell me, are you an avid Colourpop fan like me?  What are your favorite Colourpop products?  Did you pick anything up from the new spring collection?  Let me know in the comments!

Have a beautiful day~

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