Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lip Swatch Week Day 3: The Retro Portion

Hey there!  Happy Hump day and happy day 3 of Lip Swatch Week.  I know I didn't give you guys a sneak peak at the theme of today's swatches...and it was because I didn't know what I was going to call it, but I figured it out.  I'm calling this the retro portion of my collection.  These are my lip products that are old, limited edition, pretty neat, and no longer available.  I will say that I didn't swatch all of these on my lips because I wouldn't dare put some of these on my face because of how old they are.

So we're going to get through these in alphabetical order by brand. In that case, let's start with Almay

Several years ago Almay came out with their Ideal lip color collection.  The concept of this collection was that there was a lipstick, lipliner, and gloss for every color family that "complimented" each other (but from my memory they were all the exact same within each family).  I remember getting the pink set when I was younger, but I guess I used it all up.  This one was obviously in the brown family, and is also obviously not my color.  I keep it around for sentimental reasons, my momma gave it to me a while back.

Next up we have Estee Lauder.  They came in a Lilly Pulitzer collection I got for Christmas last year so I can hardly call them retro.  I definitely am not a fan of the Melon Shimmer on me, Candy Shimmer is alright and I can see myself layering this with another color.  I keep these around because they were a sentimental gift, because they're pink, and because I'm a Lilly fanatic.

Loreal made some limited edition "La Laque" "Le Matte" lip stick things not too long ago (I think just over a year) and they were all the rage.  I remember watching at least 500 YouTube videos about them and I thought to myself "Wow, I guess I need them too."  Then I stumbled upon these on clearance at Target for like $3.  I've come to the conclusion that I just don't like the colors very much.  Never-Laque-ing has a really nice texture, but I don't think the color is too flattering.  This is one of those embarrassing  "YouTube made me buy it but now I hate it" purchases.

Maybelline.  I remember my mom always having these in her purse and walking through Target and seeing these on display.  This one was also another momma gift.  I remember being proud when she gave it to me because this has so much more color than she ever went for in a lipsticj.  I'm kinda sad Maybelline discontinued these because the formula is so hydrating and the texture is really nice.  I like having this in my collection because I feel like I have a little artifact floating around in my drawers.

This was part of a limited edition summer lip tint collection thing from 3 or 4 years ago.  I wanted one so bad because they smelled amazing, and I thought they would taste amazing too.  I was wrong.  This leaves a bitter perfum-ey taste in my mouth even if I try my hardest not to lick my lips.  Oh well.  It looks so cool in the tube though doesn't it?

My face says it all for this one.  I'm glad they don't have this on shelves anymore.  It has almost  numbing effect on my lips, and not in a cool, minty-tingly way, more like in a "Did I just rub Novocaine on my mouth?" way.  Moving right along...

Now we're in the zone of products so old I was too scared to put them on face.

To The Beach...I didn't really start getting hardcore into MAC cosmetics and makeup until a month or so after this collection launched.  I actually found these along with a blush and eyeshadow at a CCO and snatched them up.  I wore the heck out of these for 2 years, but now they're all gloopy and chunky and sad.  I would never ever throw these away or Back2MAC them, they're to sentimental.  If I could be granted a wish, it would be that MAC relaunches this whole collection, and then I would be able to get the Marine Life powder for less than $90.

Good old Revlon Super Lustrous. I remember when the square tubes were getting phased out, my Wegmans had a display of half square at half the price, and half round.  Completely random colors of each.  I've always loved Revlon lipglosses, and I actually used to have a lot more.  I'm not too sad about these being discontinued because I like their new color selection.  Fun Fact: I used to wear this on top of Roseberry lipstick.

Last but not least we have this Victoria's Secret lip shine thing.  I got this with a VS giftcard when I was in my experimentation and only wearing red lip products phase (which thankfully, came and went).  This format of lip product has a clicking button at the bottom-the kind that you have to click 500,000 times before you get anything out of it, which is just slightly frustrating. There is also glitter in this that feels rather chunky, but the color is pretty.

So, what did you think of my random lipsticks/glosses?  Do you have any of these in your collection?

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read this. Stay tuned for my lipglosses and lipliners tomorrow! ~Have a beautiful evening~


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