Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lip Swatch Week Day 2: MAC lipsticks

Hey guys!
Guess what?  It's day 2 of lip swatch week!! Today we're going to dive into my MAC lipsticks.  I remember getting my first MAC lipstick right before I turned 14...which was also when I just started really getting into makeup.  They are really sentimental to me and they are some of my favorite lip products.  Also, disclaimer, some of these lipsticks are limited edition and you can't get them anymore :(  After we go through the swatches, I'll give you descriptions of the colors, my favorites, and what collections they came from.

Let's get started~


Swatch time~


*Pink Pearl Pop (I know, I'm bad at this)*


Alrighty, now that swatches are done, let's talk about the shades individually

~Creme de Nude (Cremesheen) Pale muted peach beige.
I got this in a Back2Mac trade because I wanted a basic nude lipstick, and that's what I got-and I love it! Only thing is that I need to line my lips with a darker nude or rosy lip liner, It'l wash me out if I don't (as you can see from the picture).

~Creme Cup (Cremesheen) Light blue pink.
I really wanted to love this color because of all the hype around it, but this is the only MAC lipstick I have that applies almost chunky on my lips.  I thought it was just because of the top layer of thicker wax that some lipsticks have, but I've had this for two years and it hasn't gotten any better.  It looks good with lipgloss on top, but I almost never wear lipgloss.

~Venus (Lustre) Medium yellow-pink with subtle shimmer.
This was released with the Heavenly Creatures collection a few summers back.  I absolutely love how flattering this looks, but I'm afraid to use it because it melted, I can't fix it, and It's limited edition.

~Chatterbox (Amplified Creme) Bright red-pink.
This was my second ever MAC lipstick.  I remember my mom taking me to a MAC counter for my 16th birthday let me pick out a few things, and this was one of them.  I wore the heck out of this back in the day, but I don't find myself wearing colors like this often anymore.

~Pink Pearl Pop (Cremesheen) Frosted midtone pink.
Allison Anderson made me get this.  So glad she did because I love it.  It's a universally flattering make-your-teeth-look-white pink.

~Flamingo (Lustre) Light milky bright coral.
OH THE TROUBLE I WENT THROUGH TO GET THIS.  I got this when it came out the second time around with the All About Orange collection (originally launched with Iris Apfel).  I remember being in high school and sneaking a phone call during lunch to call the store and have them put one on hold for me.  The first two counters didn't have it, and as the bell was ringing, I got in touch with a store that had it!  They actually made it permanent (yay!) so you could get it today if you wanted.  It's one of my all time favorites.

~Cut a Caper (Lustre) Midtone pink-coral.
This was in the same collection as Venus.  I know it looks similar to Flamingo, but it's much more subtle and slightly darker.  Love it!

~Sunny Seoul (Cremesheen) Frosted light warm pink.
Like Pink Pearl Pop and Coral Bliss, this was released with the Cremesheen + Pearl collection.  I went a little crazy and wanted every color.  This color is the perfect middle ground of a pink and a coral pink.

~Coral Bliss (Cremsheen) Frosted light coral.
This one also looks similar to Flamingo and Cut a Caper.  It's definitely less bright and less pink than Flamingo, and lighter and more neutral than Cut a Caper.  If you missed out on Cut a Caper, and Flamingo is too bright for you, Coral Bliss is a good choice. This one my other favorite next to Flamingo.  

~Plumful (Lustre) Blossoming rose-plum.
I love this shade for the fall and winter.  I find it really flattering on pale complexions like mine. When I was considering Craving, I chose this instead because it was a more sheer, slightly cooler alternative.

~Viva Glam Cyndi (Lustre) Sheer yellow-red.
THIS was my first ever MAC lipstick I was telling you about.  I wore the heck out of this in early high school.  This was the color that everyone knew me by.  If I was wearing lipstick, it was this. I believe this was the first ever Viva Glam celebrity collaboration (along with Lady Gaga), and was sadly limited edition.  I never use it anymore because I never want to run out.

~Charmed, I'm Sure (Matte) Darkened blue-red.
This was a ridiculous purchase of mine.  Since the Marilyn Monroe collection sold out instantaneously, I wasn't able to get anything, so I ended up buying this on Ebay for $28...I only wear this on occasions that call for a great red.  It's my "feeling special" lipstick.

Hope you guys enjoyed Day 2!  Stay tuned for more lip swatches tomorrow.  Theme?  It's a surprise!  Thank you so much for reading, and see you all tomorrow!


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